From the "desk" of James R. Ford:

Look closely, the couch is covered in plastic.

I sewed the first Shortstop Jersey prototype on May 11th. Five months and 27 days later, I am equal parts excited, relieved, and terrified to deliver my first full collection:

Grandma's Kid™️

My grandmothers both had exquisite taste. They were purveyors of high society. One of them owned an antique store, the other was a member of a country club. They had style and elegance. However, my home is furnished courtesy of OfferUp and I only worked at that country club, never leisured there.

My biggest struggles with clothing were at family events where the first priority was making sure I was presentable to my grandparents, at the expense of me.

Grandma's Kid™️ bridges that gap. You can wear this gear to the highest occasions and feel completely yourself, while being inarguably presentable. This is also designed for the reality of today - we need really good sweatpants. Ones that can be "dressed up". I got you.

The collection includes pieces I've searched for to buy for myself, but never found exactly what I wanted. It mixes and matches impeccably. I did the hard work for you with a Shop by Outfit page.

I partnered and vetted the upper echelons of Los Angeles factories. I can prove it, because my factory partner said he wears, "A lot of beanies, but this is the best one I've come across." He asked to keep a yellow one. I said it's Marigold but yes, keep one.

My grandparents would love this collection, the clothes, the concept, the stories behind making it all. My aunts and cousins have sent me tons of encouraging texts, they can't wait to see what I made to honor our family, but also myself.

As Usual,


Not a Mama's Boy. Not a Daddy's Girl. A Grandma's Kid™️.

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